Promotion and delivery of Strategic Land.

Promoting and delivering Office, Industrial and Retail sites.

Delivering small scale Residential schemes.

Investing in property-led projects through Joint Ventures, Seed Capital and Private Equity.


We have a proven track record of negotiating the complexities of the planning system to achieve the right result.

It is the attention to detail employed by our highly experienced team that unlocks the hidden value. Although there has been an overwhelming proliferation of companies that profess to be land promoters/speculators, many will lack the financial robustness and wide experience required to deliver on promises made about obtaining planning permission for either residential or commercial schemes.

At Rosconn Group, we pride ourselves on constantly keeping an eye on the data and lessons learnt from past experiences, that mean we can thoroughly assess land parcels and provide a realistic solution to landowners and their professional teams.

Our experience and financial robustness ensure that the landowners we partner with know that no matter how long the project takes to deliver through the planning system, Rosconn Group will provide the best possible chance of a successful result.

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