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Planet Rosconn Group

In the Beginning

Rosconn Group was created back in 2005 by our founder Dan O’Donnell and has enjoyed continual growth both in terms of project scale, turnover and team size.

We have two arms to the business; Rosconn Developments and Rosconn Strategic Land. Both companies work in the residential space but in very different ways.

For more information on each please click on the relevant parts of Planet Rosconn.

We are privately owned and funded the founder, which makes decision making more fluid and guarantees the landowner our unwavering focus.

Where the wider industry prefers to do battle with the community and planners, we prefer to invest our expertise in delivering the right package.

Rosconn Group - Great Ideas

Why Rosconn Group?

If you want the project carried out with care and attention with a team that you can trust, then we are the right folks to be talking to. You will know immediately if Rosconn are the right fit for you, our team are revered in the industry and produce the best possible results time after time.

Our track record on both sides of the business speak for themselves. This track record has only been made possible with the efforts of a very dedicated team of professional individuals that bring diversity of thought process to each project.

The Operations Team is headed by Operations Director Nick Carr who started with Rosconn as a graduate in 2007. Planning policy and planning procurement team are under the watchful eye of Dan Hatcher our Planning Director who joined us from a senior management position at Barton Wilmore.

The Rosconn team work around the clock to deliver on commitments that we have entered. You will find more information on each team member in the Team section. Its very much worth a read to reveal what is under the Rosconn bonnet.

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Rosconn Group’s Ethos

We deliver on commitments where others fail, some call it luck, but such serendipity can only arise from exacting hard work and passion.

Our belief is that there can be more than one winner and working with Rosconn is a win win scenario where you can trust us to achieve what we say we will.

Dan built the company from scratch with no safety net to fall back on if things didn’t go right. The team that has since been assembled are all focused on being the best possible versions of themselves, so that they are inspiring individuals that execute projects with precision, care and attention.

At Rosconn, we like to do things a little differently. We’re obsessed with what we do, and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re incredibly geeky about the ins and outs of the planning and development process.

Daniel O’Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell
Rosconn Developments

A specialist residential development company
creating value for everyone

Rosconn Reach

Bringing positive, lasting change
working closely with the community on a local and national basis

Rosconn Strategic Land

A land promotion company
finding the route to maximising your return